11 Best Environmental Documentaries on Netflix Streaming

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These 11 best environmental documentaries on Netflix streaming in 2015 illustrate the transgressions we commit against the planet and our environment on a daily basis. How much more of our abuse will it take before the damage we do becomes irreversible?

Perhaps our political leaders should take a look at some of the best educational documentaries on Netflix. That way they couldn’t claim ignorance when asked about their actions – and inaction – that jeopardize not only our future but our present as well. Despite all evidence to the contrary, there’s a vast number of deniers in every country that refuse to accept the simple truth – or should we say an inconvenient truth – that humans are the driving factor behind the global climate change that threatens every person on the planet. How much human suffering and misery will it take for them to open their eyes? The UN estimates that by 2050 the world may be faced with up to 150 million climate refugees. Right now, less than a million of Syrian refugees are causing havoc in Europe. Imagine what 150 million will do.

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These 11 best environmental documentaries you can catch on Netflix in 2015 do their part in persuading people that we need to change our ways before it is too late. In order to rank them, we consulted several movie sites and their list, created by their users. We also added IMDb ratings as a factor as well and created a unique Insider Monkey list. Before looking them up on Netflix, be warned: many are not for the faint of heart.

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