11 Best Electronic Cigarette Brands

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What are the best electronic cigarette brands? 

It has not been long since electronic cigarettes came into existence in the United Stated market. Within this short span of eight years, the annual global sales are showing drastic increments! The numbers showing that the graph is going higher indeed, actually points towards startling trends. According to a study, the usage of E-cigarettes have more than doubled, among the adults in The United States, during 2010 to 2013. There are different factors like smoking status, household income and education level, which altogether are the reasons for the abrupt rise in E-cigarettes usage.

There has always been an ongoing debate about whether electronic cigarettes are one of the biggest health hazards or the best chance for smokers to quit their long habit of tobacco cigarettes. Although there are no long term studies that suggest that E-cigarettes are safer than regular tobacco cigarettes, many believe that they are exposed to less harm as compared to more harmful results when using regular tobacco cigarettes. Though E-cigs are increasing in popularity and many smokers believe that it helps in reducing their tobacco consumption or even help them to quit smoking eventually, it has also been noticed by the smokers that getting off these E-cigarettes affects their health a lot.

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Best Electronic Cigarette Brands

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There are many surveys that had been made about the best electronic cigarettes that are available. The data had been collected from hundreds of vapers and test products to get the top brands of electronic cigarettes preferred by the smokers. There are various factors considered for this survey  to get the best electronic cigarettes brands. The first is E-cigarette’s design. For the smokers to get the real experience, the design should resemble the real tobacco one. Also it is identified whether it can be color customized or not. Next area to be considered is the battery performance, the time it takes to charge and how long the charge holds. Of course, the longer the better. The performance and convenience of electronic cigarettes also plays a major role in deciding the best among them. Vapor production is the next thing to consider. If an electronic cigarette produces thick and satisfying clouds of vapor, it surely qualifies as a good e-cigarette as most of the vapors prefers the same kind of e-cigarette. The next and most important factor is it should be easy to use and enjoyable. Other considerations are the flavors available and nicotine strengths in each brand. The final factor is the overall price of the e-cigarette and how much it is worth. These factors overall give the list of best electronic cigarettes.

According to another survey, there are different kinds of electronic cigarettes as well. The first kind is  disposable one which is much closer to regular tobacco cigarettes in resemblance. The next one is refillable cigarettes which is a more economical option as well as produces stronger vapors. The third kind is variable voltage electronic cigarettes. These are much more expensive and offer many advanced features.

The quality of any electronic cigarette can also be estimated by the sales it makes. There is high correlation between consumers’ preferences and the sales. According to recent estimates by Nielsen, ‘Vuse’ is described as the most selling e-cigarettes brand with a U.S. market share of 33.6 percent and is available in more than 100,000 retail outlets. It is followed by blu at second place (23.6% market share) while Logic being in third place (14.5% market share). MarkTen with 5.9% market share and NJOY with 5.1% market share are distant followers.

The similar sales figures are indicated by another sales study with Vuse being the most selling electronic cigarette brand.

Summing up the above details, we have sampled seven websites and calculated the average ranking for each cigarette brand according to the market shares of each e-cigarette brand and the surveys done regarding the best e-cigarettes brands as well. According to these calculations, Insider Monkey came up with the following rankings of the best electronic cigarette brands available:

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