11 Best Countries With Job Opportunities For Foreigners

If you’re looking for a country with lucrative job prospects, consider one on this list of the 11 best countries with job opportunities for foreigners.

Moving to another country is extremely difficult but if you manage to get there it’s well worth it. Not everyone gets the opportunity to have a change of scenery and be employed in a new place. I think it’d be cool to experience a new culture and truly be immersed in a different place. The most I’ve done is move to a new state, which I guess you could say is still an experience in its own way.

 11 Best Countries With Job Opportunities For Foreigners


There are obviously a lot of things to consider when it comes to choosing a country and actually moving abroad. It’s best to pick a place where you can get a job and sustain a high standard of living. Primarily northern European countries like Norway, Sweden, and Germany are good examples of places that welcome workers from around the world. You have to keep in mind that there are laws to obey regarding working visas and living accommodations, so you should pick somewhere that allows you to get those things fairly easily. If you’re not really into the idea of moving and don’t care too much about the conditions, just check out our list of the 11 Easiest Countries for Americans to Move to and Work.

In order to create this list, we used three factors. First, we found 25 countries with the highest HDI using the UN Human Development Report. HDI index is used to describe the stage of development of a particular country. For example, the best countries to live and work in Europe according to this are Norway, Switzerland, and Denmark. Of course, we needed other criteria to help us with this list. The second factor we used was to choose 11 from the HDI-created list of 25 that have the lowest unemployments rates using Trading Economic. The last thing we used to rank the countries was the monthly average wages. The smaller the unemployment rate in a country, the more the foreign workforce is welcome because it doesn’t threaten the stability of the system. We’re looking for countries with high HDI, low unemployment, and high salary. One thing to note is that we excluded Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Iceland because they have a population below 1 million people; therefore, the job market is too small to be relevant for our research. Without further ado, pack your bags and get your resumes ready for the 11 Best Countries with Job Opportunities for Foreigners.