11 Android Phones with Largest Internal Storage in 2017

If you are buying a new phone, then you should take into consideration these Android phones with largest internal storage in 2017.

The Android phones that support a memory card have been a dying breed in the past couple of years. Now more manufacturers are starting to include the option for expandable memory. For example, Samsung, who is currently number one on the top 10 mobile brand ranking in world, has dropped the expandable memory on Galaxy S6 but brought it back on Galaxy S7. Samsung Galaxy S8 surely wouldn’t be considered the best phone out right now if it didn’t have an SD card slot. Unfortunately, it didn’t help him to be the best selling phone right now, a title which went to iPhone. Still, the internal storage is important since there are many apps that can’t be transferred to the external storage. The same applies to your chat history, photos, and videos on Facebook or Snapchat.

11 Android Phones with Largest Internal Storage in 2017

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When you are looking for best smartphone overall, the internal memory plays a great role. Our advice is to always go with at least 64GB. You’ll have to pay a bit more since it’s difficult to find a cheap phone with high internal memory, but it will benefit you in the long run. However, if money plays a big role to you, you can check these 10 cheap smartphones with best call quality and signal reception in 2017. With each passing year, the apps are getting more complex requiring more space and the photos or videos have a higher quality and eat up your memory.  This is why 16GB or 32GB flagship isn’t enough. Before we start with our list, if you are looking for the best smartphones 2016 or some older models, our list of 8 smartphones with the highest internal memory is a great place to start.

To make our list of Android phones with largest internal storage in 2017, we kept it simple. We paid a visit to GSMArena and browsed through their database of smartphones. The ones that had the largest internal storage and were released in 2017 made it on the list. So, check out the Android phones with largest internal storage in 2017 below. We are starting off with the last out of 7 phones with 128GB of internal storage, which share the second place on our list.