11 Android Games with Best Graphics

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The 11 Android games with best graphics are a way for you to see just how far gaming has come in the past five years. Even more so for mobile gaming, which as little as five years ago was confined to a world of two dimensional, highly pixelated graphics and simple game mechanics that at best kept you entertained for a couple of hours. While the hardware has gone far (just check out the 11 best waterproof Android smartphones), the gaming potential it currently has is not completely taken advantage of just because long, detailed games with a complex story are simply not profitable enough or just don’t rake in profits  quickly enough to be a feasible challenge to tackle. Proper mobile games can’t utilize a freemium type of strategy, nor can they use in game currency properly because that would cripple the story and bring a major negative backlash to the developers. Because of that we don’t see many full-blown, at least portable console-like games out there, especially on the “Best Free/Best Paid” game sections on Google Play.

Android Games with Best Graphics - Real Racing 3


However, it’s not all completely lost because people in the industry have been pushing for flashier graphics since we all played pathetic java games on our 2 inch screens phones with their VGA cameras and polyphonic ringtones. In the past five years, mobile graphic acceleration chips have been pushing the boundary for gaming further and further to the point where we can now easily cast a phone screen to a massive flat screen TV and enjoy a mobile game at an unnaturally high resolution without blowing up the textures to the point where you can count the pixels in them. On the other hand, a little more than five years ago, the pinnacle of mobile graphics – the PlayStation Portable 3000’s best games had characters whose faces looked like a dirty piece of paper stretched over a mannequin’s head. This, however is not an offence to the developers and designers behind the piles of titles that I have personally experienced and loved at that time. This is only due to the imitations of the console’s capabilities which were not exactly stellar with a 333 MHz processor and a 166 MHz graphics processor with 2 megabytes of embedded memory. Even scaled down to the PSP’s resolution, there are still games of it that can compete with modern Android titles very well. This comes to show that with a bit of engineering genius and a lot of squeezing, you can achieve a lot, even with limited hardware.

Now compare that to the 2+ MHz multi-core processors on even last year’s flagships, paired with gigabytes of RAM and a whole dedicated graphics processing unit and think about why we don’t have the quality of games that comes with all that power. And while you do, let’s take a look at some titles that either come close in terms of sheer technical execution or are just so adorably designed that they don’t need all that power to look good. The general outlines of the list of 11 Android games with best graphics are based on opinions gathered from Android forums such as XDA but I have taken or added a title where the public opinion lacked.

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