10 Worst Smelling Cigarette Brands In The World

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If you want to know which cigarettes to avoid, stay until the end of our worst smelling cigarette brands in the world list. You’ll make a big favor to yourself and the people surrounding you.

Cigarettes smell bad, that’s a fact. To a non-smoker, every cigarette will have a repulsive odor. Even I, as a longtime smoker, sometimes have problems with the smell of cigarettes. This especially goes if someone smokes cheap cigarettes, or uses poor quality tobacco in their rolled cigarettes. E-cigs are a different story. Their smell is hard to detect in most of the cases, and if the person uses a flavored liquid, they can even smell nice. I can vouch for that from my personal experience. I was at a festival once when the smell of stale beer was suddenly neutralized by a fruity smell. When I turned around, the guy behind me was vaping, and I was tempted to make the switch from regular tobacco myself. Luckily, it didn’t hold me for long. The nice smell doesn’t apply for regular flavored cigarettes. While doing the research for the article, many people had issues with the smell of menthol cigarettes.

If you are a smoker, then you know that the smell of cigarettes gets into everything: clothes, furniture, carpets. The best way to avoid that is to stop smoking. Not entertained with the idea? Well, there are few other things you can do. For example, you can get rid the smell of cigarettes from your car by covering interior with some scented baking soda, leave it for a couple of days and then vacuum it. This works for the furniture as well. Also, leaving coffee beans will help, but then your car will smell like coffee. Still, the better option, if you ask me. The most important thing of all is to ventilate the car or a room as much as possible and clean your ashtray regularly. In case you are a newcomer in the world of smokers and still didn’t find the preferred brand, check out our list of 5 best tasting cigarettes for new smokers.

By the way, you can watch the video below to find out 7 cigarette brands that contain the lowest tar and nicotine.

Before we continue with the list of worst smelling cigarette brands in the world, let’s quickly cover the methodology. We went through various forum topics on Yahoo, Reddit, CigReviews, and Straight Dope among others and looked for brands that people thought had the worst or at least bad smell. The brands that had more recommendations ended up having a higher rank on the list. Note that this isn’t definitive ranking, and it is based on the subjective opinion of the users. Let’s check out the list now.

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