10 Worst Job Markets in the US

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10 Worst Job Markets in the US: the job market offers many different types of employment and occupations. Currently, the global economy’s fluctuation has made even once-solid positions vulnerable. Moreover, the global market’s pace sets the trends for local economic development. While certain industries become more important, new job opportunities come up, and positions become high-demand. Yet unemployment has affected a large amount of the US population. According to a Gallup report, twenty percent of Americans have named unemployment or job problems as the most important problem facing the country, as of May, 2014.

Moreover, different cultural patterns affect the job market, introducing new trends and variables. Also, technology and its development have a deep impact on the demand and environment of an occupation, as well as on its remuneration. Indeed different fields can be enhanced, and particular job experiences are likely to progress. But of course, each country provides diverse job opportunities or not aside from the overall market for certain professions. If you are curious about what the 10 worst job markets in the world are, check out the list we’ve made, featuring the top countries in which people reported having the hardest time finding a job.

Nevertheless, even when getting a job, everyone knows that not every position is the best. Some jobs provide better living standards than others, some are more stressful, some more tranquil, some require more skills, etc. Some are okay and some are definitely not. We’ve gathered some of the worst job markets in the US currently, and compiled a list of those career paths you may wish to get out of or avoid altogether. This list has been assembled taking into account a report made by CareerCast, containing an analysis of the 200 most populated jobs, and ranking them on a variety of criteria that fall into four key categories: environment, income, outlook and stress. Check out which jobs are better to avoid in the US, if you seek a healthy and happy life!

No. 10 Corrections officer


BLS Median Annual Salary: $38,970

Projected Job Growth by 2022: 5%

Key factors for ranking: work environment and stress

A correction officer faces more dangerous situations that one might imagine, which naturally makes for a rather stressful job. Average salary is rather low, and growth outlook is low.

The nine worst job markets in the US can be found and subsequently steered clear of on the following pages.

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