10 Unusual Jobs That Pay Well in UK

If you are curious to learn about strange jobs, then read our list of 10 unusual jobs that pay well in the UK.

How many times have you heard about someone doing a job that sounds a little bit funny or odd? Well, quite odd, actually. The reason we are surprised is because these jobs are so rare, that we don’t have the opportunity to hear about them and get used to them. Most of us have never heard about a pet food taster job, right? Or a professional tea taster? Sounds peculiar enough? Well, it can be much more strange. There are countless unusual jobs that most of us didn’t even know existed and we have explored them. You probably think that no one would agree to do these jobs, but each time you hear about a job that makes you laugh and be shocked, remember that someone is probably doing it.

10 Unusual Jobs That Pay Well in UK


While most of the jobs usually, require a very ordinary set of skills such as communication skills, working experience, professional attitude or negotiation skills, some other jobs might surprise you when you see an ad and read the requirements. Mostly, the employer in these situations needs someone quite special with a particular set of skills. That means that not anyone can apply for one of these positions. In order to become a professional tea taster, for example, one must be knowledgeable about tea varieties and must be able to identify all sorts of tastes and smells. Therefore, it is not something we can all do.

These jobs go from a little unusual to extremely odd but usually, they pay surprisingly well. And probably, this is one of the main reasons why people decide to accept a position at some unusual working place. Money can be the best stimulation, especially nowadays when finding a job can be so difficult and exhausting that we end up accepting anything that can provide us with an income. It is almost impossible to find a job without any previous working experience and an amazing set of skills or a degree. For those of you who are interested in knowing more about possibilities of getting a job with no experience, read our list of 10 Easy Best Paying Jobs in UK with No Experience with no experience. The job market is insanely competitive and one can easily become frustrated with the situation. That’s why when we come across an opportunity that strikes us a little bit weird but it pays well enough, no doubt that most of will accept it.

On the other hand, some people are tired of those classic boring 9 to 5 jobs that simply take all our energy and leave us too tired to do anything else. Many of us are bored with our usual dull jobs because we feel that we are made for other things. Some of us cannot commit to the conventional working hours with conventional tasks and we would like to make our lives a bit more interesting.

We have explored the Internet in search for unusual jobs that bring a decent or excellent salary and with the help of Unum and The Independent, we have compiled a list of unusual jobs that pay well in the UK. We have also included the average salaries for each position provided by PayScale and Unum and we categorized them from the lowest salary to the highest one. Prepare to be surprised and amazed by the following job titles and their descriptions. We present a list of  10 unusual jobs that pay well in the UK.

10. Pet Food Taster

Why one may laugh about it for a moment, the bottom line is that someone has to try the food that we prepare for animals. So, in order to make sure that pet food is of good quality and well balanced, a person tastes it in order to find out whether the flavor is satisfying or not. A pet food taster earns around £ 20,000 per year.

10 Unusual Jobs That Pay Well in UK

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9. The Ravenmaster

Another fascinating job that found its place in our list of unusual jobs that pay well in the UK, with an extraordinary title but one that pays pretty well is The Ravenmaster, who needs to take care of the ravens at the Tower of London. These birds are taken very seriously and they are very important in the kingdom. The birds must be well taken care of because if they leave, the legend says that the Tower will crumble and the  Kingdom of England will fall. The Ravenmaster earns about £21,000 per year. Not bad at all!

10 Unusual Jobs That Pay Well in UK

8. Professional Tea Taster

This is probably one of the most sophisticated unusual jobs in the UK, and on our list of unusual jobs that pay well in the UK as well, right? A professional tea taster sometimes needs to taste hundreds of different types of tea per day and travel to different places in order to do so. They must know each flavor and this is something that requires a lot of training. A professional tea taster earns £ 25,000 annually.

10 Unusual Jobs That Pay Well in UK


7. Golf Ball Diver

When people play golf, a lot of balls go missing in the water, and someone’s job is to actually dive in and search for missing balls. A little bit unusual? Definitely, but it pays well. Golf ball Divers need to do this at least four days a week, so it is a full-time job. For those who enjoy swimming and exploring the waters, it can be a dream come true. A golf ball diver earns £25,000 per year.

10 Unusual Jobs That Pay Well in UK

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6. Master Distiller

Another job on our list of 10 unusual jobs that pay well in the UK is a master distiller. A master distiller’s job is to measure the botanicals that are used to make gin. Of course, they also need to taste the gin once it is finished, to test the quality. If you like herbs and you like gin, this might be the perfect job opportunity for you. A master distiller earns about £30,000 per year.

10 Unusual Jobs That Pay Well in UK


5. Chicken sexer

Another unusual but well-paid job that you probably haven’t heard of is a chicken sexer. It is actually an easy and well-paid job that requires no experience or education of its applicants. Not many people hear about this job very often, but the UK is in a shortage of chicken sexers who will sort our thousands of chickens with patience and a precise eye. That is all it takes to perform well on this job. You must have good eyesight and be very patient. All the training needed is provided on the job. We found no data on the average salary for a chicken sexer on PayScale or Unum but according to Aol, with a 12-hour shift, a chicken sexer can earn up to £40,000 a year, making it one of the best-paying jobs on our list.

10 Unusual Jobs That Pay Well in UK

4. Ice Cream Taster

Even though this job sounds perfect for all the ice cream lovers out there, it is not so easy to find a job like this and it takes a lot of qualifications, too.  To become an ice cream taster, that ranks 4th in our list of unusual jobs that pay well in the UK, you must have a degree in food science. Your job is to taste the ice cream and evaluate the flavor, texture, etc. Unum did not provide information on annual salary for this job but according to Daily Mail, an ice cream taster earns about £41,000 per year.

10 Unusual Jobs That Pay Well in UK

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3. Ethical Hacker

A funny name, but a very well-paid and interesting job that ranks 3rd in our list of unusual jobs that pay well in the UK. Ethical hackers are hired by those companies who wish to test their security in order to prevent any problems in the future. For this position, it is desirable to have a degree in a relevant field, but many hackers don’t have it since they learned these things by themselves. According to PayScale, an ethical hacker earns around £44,000 per year.

10 Unusual Jobs That Pay Well in UK


2. The Queen’s Piper

This fascinating jobs ranks second in our list of unusual jobs that pay well in the UK. It actually brings a lot of money. A Queen’s piper must play the bagpipes beneath her window every morning at the same time. This usually lasts for about 15 minutes or exactly 15 minutes and it is always at 9 a.m. Obviously, there are not many job opportunities in this area as we can only guess how difficult it is to become the Queen’s piper.  With around £48,000 per year, The Queen’s Piper is one of the best paying jobs on our list.

10 Unusual Jobs That Pay Well in UK

1. Chief Listening Officer

Finally, the best paying job on our list of 10 unusual jobs that pay well in the UK as well as one of the most interesting ones, is the chief listening officer. Does this sound a little bit odd to you? Why yes, it is a job with an unusual title, but a very well paid one, too. Being paid for listening does not actually mean exactly what you might imagine. You don’t really sit around listening to people’s stories or experiences. A chief listening officer’s job is to listen or read to what clients or consumers say on social media about the company he or she works for. You need to monitor the presence of your brand on social media. For those who enjoy using social media, this might sound as a perfect opportunity to cash in their favorite pass time. According to Unum, a chief listening officer earns around £61,000 per year.

10 Unusual Jobs That Pay Well in UK

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