10 Universities Offering Free Online Courses

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Let’s take our education a step forward with this list of 10 universities offering free online courses. Honestly speaking, not everyone can afford the responsibility and finances needed to be able to attend and finish college. Many of today’s students take loans and even work in order to support themselves in their education. Even the most educated countries in the world only have roughly 50% of their population finishing tertiary education. With this, many of today’s top universities and colleges have taken advantage of the ever increasingly popular online community. A lot of them now offer courses to be taken online from the comfort of home and some of these courses are actually free.

When considering this list we don’t take into account what University is better or what course is better, if you want more information on that check out our list on the Best 7 Online Courses to Take: Free Finance MOOCs.

Universities Offering Free Online Courses


The list here is in no particular order and can be chosen depending on your preference. There are many courses here offering certification or non-credit courses, just additional education that can be good on anyone’s resume. Some are short-term and others may take longer depending on your preference. Without any more delay, let’s go ahead to the first of these 10 universities offering free online courses.

10. Harvard University

One of the top universities in the world, both in ranking and popularity, Harvard University has also taken steps to be able to give free courses online. Aside from the certifications you can get by going on their paid courses, they also offer free lectures via Youtube and have a platform they call HarvardX which gives people the opportunity to get an open certification for what they’ve studied.


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