10 Top Reasons For Getting Fired

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What are the top reasons for getting fired these days? Companies fire employees for many different reasons. Everyone has a friend who has a friend that was fired for the most bizarre reason: from posting something on Facebook, to taking too much time for doing a particular task. Well the truth is that companies need no major reasons to fire their employees, unless of course there is an employment contract that specifies the opposite. Employment at will, this is, implies that an employee can be terminated at any time, without any reason or previous notice. Yet, usually, companies do not fire their employees without cause: there is usually a specific reason for getting sacked.

Every job has its perks. Some do not demand much from their employees, while others are indeed pretty stressful. Depending on the type of job, and of course, of the industry where it takes place, different work dynamics are likely to develop. And of course, some of the top reasons for getting fired are more frequent than others, taking into account the tasks each job involves. Nevertheless, some stressful jobs might just lead their employees to quit before being fired. And what’s the most stressful job out there? Well you can check out our list of the 6 Most Stressful Jobs in the market and find out.

Some stressful careers are of course always on the top of the list, such as emergency medical personnel, or firefighter. But there are also some other jobs which you wouldn’t think are as nerve-racking as they actually are, such as being an air traffic controller, a chef or a football coach. Anyway, these jobs might indeed be worth quitting, if you find that they are just tearing you apart.

Some other jobs, though, aren’t as stressful as these. But every work has its risks, and the reasons for being fired differ depending on the industry and position. Nevertheless, we can sure trace down the top reasons why people get the boot. Let’s start the countdown of the top reasons for getting fired.



No. 10 Speak Badly of the Boss or the Company on a Social Network

Some people forget that social network and the internet are wider than what they can imagine. If you are smart enough, you’ll never post anything on a social network about your job or employers that could cost or at the very least, compromise your position. Talking rubbish about your job on the internet is just like saying it right in the boss’ face.

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