10 Things The World Can’t Stand About Americans

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The United States of America is without a doubt the most influential nation on the planet, and fair or not, that influence has led to numerous things the world can’t stand about Americans. Many of these things could be classified as stereotypes of how Americans act and think, and whether true or not, those perceptions are now unshakable.

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As you’ll see on the list, one of those things is the general ignorance and disregard Americans are seen as having for the rest of the world, a topic I previously touched on somewhat in a piece entitled 9 out of 10 Americans Are Completely Wrong About These Mind Blowing Facts. Of the items that made that list, the most mind-blowing is without a doubt their ignorance over the scientific certainty of evolution.

There is an alarming level of misinformation and pseudo-science being taught in the U.S by groups with their own agendas, and the result is a populace that is woefully ignorant and misinformed on some subjects in comparison to other first-world countries.

What other things made the list of things the world can’t stand about Americans? Read on to find out.

10. Calling Football as Soccer

Seem trivial? Well, for many fans of the “beautiful game”, the audacity of Americans to call their favored sport by another name, while using the football term for one of their own completely unrelated sports, is enraging. As they’ll point out, the sport Americans do call football is not even played with the feet (apart from kickoffs, punts, and field goal attempts that is).

The American affronts only get worse from here, as we countdown the 10 things the world can’t stand about Americans, continuing on the next page.

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