10 Team Bonding Activities for Office

These 10 Team Bonding Activities for Office are really going to payoff for employers who are keen on increasing efficiency in every function of their business. The role of teams has always been important in business. For teams to work at their optimum level; team bonding is essential. Every member of the team should be on the same page, and there must be a sense of connection between members.

To achieve this many corporations encourage their teams to take part in various different team bonding activities. These activities serve the following purpose – they improve communication between members, keep them motivated, boost morale, help learn strategies, help in knowing other team players better, in short team bonding activities improve productivity at all levels.

 Team Bonding Activities for Office


Team bonding activities can be divided into 4 types – ones that improve communication, problem-solving skills, decisions making skills and some are focused on building trust and improving comfort level within the team. The aim is to learn and practice all these skills through fun and friendly exercises. We have listed many more similar efficient activities regarding team bonding and raising productivity levels at work, as you can see in our other list of  The 6 Best Company Team Building Activities to Build Workplace Camaraderie.

Now, let’s see what we got for you today, starting our list of team bonding activities for office from number 10:

10. Two Truths & a Lie

Number ten on our list is “two truths and a lie”. It is a great fun-filled team bonding activity that improves communication and gives a chance to know team members better. In this activity every member of the team writes two truths and one lie about himself. After every member has completed writing down his truths and a lie, the group starts a nice casual conversation about the statements. This conversation is aimed at finding more about the individual. At the end of the conversation group members try to guess what was truth and what was a lie.

Team Bonding Activities for Office