10 Summer Jobs for 14-Year-Olds that Pay

The summer can be pretty boring once you’ve exhausted all TV shows to watch, and when you’re young it seems like getting a job is quite difficult, which is why we’ve created this list of 10 summer jobs for 14-year-olds that pay.

I didn’t work until I was 16 years old. Not that my parents didn’t want me to because they definitely did want me out of my room and doing something productive. It was just that I didn’t want to. Maybe it was a fear of growing up because once you start working you never really stop. Sure, there’s breaks for school, but people often work until they die, going from job to job to find something stimulating and make money. The money part is nice, but the working part for my 14-year-old brain was tedious and ridiculous. To me, I didn’t even think jobs for people as young as I existed. I was still a child, after all.

10 Summer Jobs for 14-Year-Olds that Pay


That being said, jobs for 14-year-olds do in fact exist. 14 is the minimum age requirement to work in the US. Paperwork is often required for someone this young, but these jobs exist and do pay decently well. There isn’t a huge array of job options due to age, but during the summer there are a lot of things anyone can work on. During holidays like this, the law says you can work up to 40 hours a week. That’s a lot, I know, but I never said you have to, just that you have the option.

In order to make this list possible, I checked out Boost-a-Pal, Huffington Post, and The Balance for some suggestions. I checked out these options and chose the ones best suited for a 14-year-old. There are basically two ways you can start making money as a 14-year-old: you become self-employed or you join a company as an employee. Naturally, jobs that require special skills pay more, but those are often only available to employees with experience.

Those a little bit older and living in New York can consult some more options on our list of 17 High Paying Summer Jobs for 15-Year-Olds in NYC, but for summer jobs for 14-year-olds, keep reading this list: