10 States That Have The Most Homeschoolers

If you’re into studying math in your pajamas, you’ll appreciate others who do in the states that have the most homeschoolers.

I always thought homeschooling was kind of cool. You can wake up five minutes before your work is supposed to begin and you hang out at home for it. At least that’s how I view it in my head and I’m sure anyone who’s experienced homeschooling is rolling their eyes at everything I’m writing, but it’s fine. I like the idea of not having to go to a real school and get a more individualized education. Anyone who’s been to a public school knows that the classes are often large and it’s hard to get the help you need if you’re not at the same level as other students. Homeschooling offers the opportunity to work at your own pace and take more time on subjects that are a bit of a challenge.

 10 States That Have The Most Homeschoolers


There are obvious benefits to enrolling in a public or private school, as it’s easier to be social, but I think there are events for homeschoolers and also group classes, so it might not be that big of a deal. Homeschooling is rising in popularity though, as people prefer to personalize their education to each student. It’d be interesting to see if anyone who homeschools uses one or more of the 6 Best Google Apps for Education.

When looking for the states with the most homeschoolers, we took a look at some research for each state. We sourced this data from the Coalition for Responsible Home Education, an organization that conducts research on homeschooling and why it’s a strong way to educate the youth of today. The site also provides policy guidelines and raise awareness on the much-needed reforms for this platform. Other information included came from the National Home Education Research Institute, which is dedicated to facts about home education and why it’s the fastest growing mode of education in the US.

The criteria for ranking was simply the number of homeschoolers per state. Naturally, the states with the highest number of homeschoolers are ranked higher than others. Sharpen your pencils for the states that have the most homeschoolers.