10 Songs With the Most Remakes

Have you ever wondered about the top 10 songs with the most remakes? Maybe not, but you certainly have thought about the most popular karaoke songs whenever someone hinted there would be singing at the party you were planning to go.

The majority of us have gone through the experience of hearing a specific song, and feeling something was definitely wrong because it wasn’t the original version, or we were just uncomfortable with how much different it was. But, sometimes covers can actually surprise us and be an amazing thing, others, not so much and it’s safe to assume that we rarely like them more than the original one, even if we do appreciate the changes.



Looking for the songs with the highest amount of remakes, we searched the entire internet but couldn’t find any concrete results. We went through several blog posts, like the ones done by The Fire Wire, Salon, The Independent, amongst others, but they rarely agreed on their rankings. So, what we did was list all of the songs that appeared in these posts, searched each of them individually for the number of remakes they had and came up with our own unique list.


10. Cry Me a River (Arthur Hamilton)

To begin this list, we have “Cry Me a River”, released for the first time by Julie London, though you might be more familiar with Aretha Franklin’s version. This song has at least 225 different covers, besides Franklin’s, there are also the ones done by Joe Cocker, Barbara Streisand and Olivia Newton John.