10 Snake Breeders and Reptile Shops in NJ and New York

It is always a good thing to get an insight into the condition and health of a pet before buying it, so we made a list of 10 snake breeders and reptile shops in NJ and New York that you might visit before purchasing a reptile pet.

The most important thing when considering buying a pet is that it is a healthy and properly raised animal. That is why it is important to obtain reptile pets from good, reliable vendors. Reptiles including snakes are sensitive creatures that should be handled with much care, and it is sometimes not an easy task finding a reliable breeder or good reptile store.

10 Snake Breeders and Reptile Shops in NJ and New York

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A survey has shown that there are around 11.5 million reptile pets in the US, and most of them being purchased from stores. But what is really the best choice of vendors when considering buying snake or reptile pet? The best way to raise a reptile is to get a captive-bred animal, that has experienced being handled by humans. Big stores usually do not breed reptiles they sell. They purchase them from abroad or from mass producers that are only oriented towards the quantity of animals raised. Those animals are often stressed and traumatized, which sometimes can cause lifelong consequences for the animal. Small-scale breeders and specialized stores on the other hand, do take more care of animals they sell. Small-scale reptile breeders are devoted to the thing they do and possess more knowledge about breeding, raising and taking proper care of reptiles. Specialized stores often purchase animals only from those reliable breeders. This devoted business might result in a bit higher animal prices, but they often offer much more exotic and rare animal species, although smaller in number. Anyhow, there is always another way of purchasing a pet, and if you are interested in buying a venomous snake online, you might check out the 10 Websites to Buy Venomous Snakes Cheap with Free Shipping.

We went through many snake breeders and pet shop websites and rank them according to quality and quantity of products they offer. We got guiding lines from Kingsnake website, which is specialized for snakes, and also ReptileCity recommendations for good reptile stores. Some of the breeders did not have the official website, only phone number or email contact so we avoided those because we didn’t have an insight in their offers, and we avoided stores and breeders without proper a website in general. We also concentrated on small-scale breeders and smaller reptile pet shops with experience in breeding reptiles because of the reasons we mentioned above. Now get ready for the tour of 10 snake breeders and reptile shops in NJ and New York: