10 Smartphones with Best Video Recording

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Keeping your memories in one place, hidden from time and making them eternal, has never been so easy as it is today, considering the technological revolution, that’s why today we have decided to make the list of the 10 smartphones with best video recording.

Making a quality video nowadays is not so hard if you have one of the latest smartphones. Phone cameras went through several stages in their development from VGA to 40-megapixel shooters. Video recording quality and functionality has developed over the years and now the smartphone producers have a bigger and a more demanding task. Considering that streaming websites like Vimeo and YouTube are supporting 4K content, the smartphones creators are focusing on the high-resolution video recording features. That is the reason many smartphones have 4K video capability that is improving daily. To be more precise, 4K is a 3840 x 2160 resolution. It packs realistic colors, higher frame rates and in general, it upscales the video quality entirely.

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4K is considered to be the best video quality there is. Today’s smartphones bring us the 4K resolution in our pockets, some of them even have 4K screens, and they are still expanding. The video quality guarantees to keep your memories as realistic as possible. In our previous article, we wrote about the smartphones with the best cameras 2015, and our subject for today will further get into the smartphone video possibilities.

Since there are many phones with extraordinary video recording features, we have to be neutral. Phone Arena and SmartphonesReviewed were the starting points for our research. While exploring the Web for more information, we also checked other sources that wrote about similar topics like Nirmal TV, Heavy, and Tom’s Guide. The criteria for ranking will be the smartphone’s camera resolution, adding 1 point for every megapixel. We also added bonus point if the smartphone has 4K resolution.

Find out which smartphone has the best video quality on our list of the 10 smartphones with best video recording.

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