10 Simple Chemistry Experiments with Everyday Materials

Do you know how to perform some simple chemistry experiments with everyday materials? If you don’t, we created a list for you to show you and help you choose your favorite one to impress your family and friends.

Chemistry is a very important science branch because you can find it everywhere in the world. Also, it is in the clothes you wear, the food you eat, the water you drink, in the medicines, the air and literally everywhere. Chemistry is often called the central science because it is connecting other sciences to each other for example the environmental science, biology, geology, and physics. If you are more into physics, you should check our list of 10 Simple Physics Experiments with Everyday Materials.

Experiments are part of chemistry, and without them, the world wouldn’t be the same. With experiments, some of the biggest discoveries happened which significantly contributed to the world’s development in many fields.

10 Simple Chemistry Experiments with Everyday Materials


However, according to RSPCA organization, not every test experiment is useful because it is tested on an animal which doesn’t guarantee it will be safe for humans as well. How can we really know how the exact chemical would react on people? This organization is against tests on animals.  Today, there are some alternative methods which could help the animals and the humans stay safe.

On the other hand, there are experiments which are interesting and fun and they can’t hurt anyone. The experiments on our list of simple chemical experiments with everyday materials could be done at home or at school. Many experiments like these are helping the children to learn how the things are evolving in the chemistry and how the substances can react when they get in touch.

We sincerely don’t recommend for children to do any of the following experiments without an adult supervision because even though they seem safe, there could be some dangerous consequences. Also, we are recommending for those who will be doing the experiments to use a safety equipment regardless whether they are children or adults.

In order to create our list of simple chemistry experiments with everyday materials, we used a YouTube Video by Troom Troom to see what are the chemical experiments you can make at home as well as 3P Learning as our source. After we collected the information from our sources, we sorted our list by the experiments position. The higher one experiment was ranked in each source, the higher it was ranked on our list of simple chemistry experiments with everyday materials as well.