10 Richest Female Athletes in The World

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Figuring out the richest female athletes in the world is complicated. First of all, their salaries and earnings change all the time. They also depend on their success. The better they are, the more money they earn. The biggest factor is their sponsors, who are usually responsible for the majority of their earnings. One illusion is that female athletes cannot earn a lot of money. The same illusion applies to most famous gay athletes. The facts don’t support those theories, however.

Richest Female Athletes in The World Maria Sharapova Tennis

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Firstly, we need to understand how these athletes earn money. The earnings from the winnings of a sport come two-fold – the winnings themselves and the endorsements that come as a result of the winnings. They payoff to be the top could, in fact, be a multiple of the winnings. According to Opendorse, Maria Sharapova earned $6 million thanks to her victories and $23 million from endorsements. Samsung, Nike, and Porsche make the biggest part of her income.

Forbes proved that sport that can make the biggest profit is tennis. In this case, female athletes can earn up to $30 million (pay) and additional $6 million from winnings. If we add aforementioned endorsements, we can understand why athletes earn a lot.

On the other side, the lives of female athletes aren’t easy. Is is the case for all athletes – they must be in the best shape, they must practice a lot and they must travel a lot. In essence, they don’t have a lot of time for a personal life. Also, injuries are common due to the fact they are constantly under physical stress.

Taking these factors into consideration, we used data from Baaghi and Success Story and additional details from Wxyz. The showed values are the average net worth of the athletes.

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