10 Reasons Not to Major in Humanities

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After reading the title 10 reasons not to major in Humanities, you might think that sounds a little negative towards Humanities majors. But it’s not. This is just meant to inform students about what they’ll really face if they decide on a literature, art, language, human science, religion or writing major.

These are the subjects that cover Humanities. The STEM students, choosing science, technology, engineering or math majors, are on the opposite side of the spectrum. There are of course other majors that don’t fall into these two categories, but these are the two main ones.

But it’s a long-debated subject. Who makes more money? Most statistics say that STEM majors typically make more, but that all depends on the individual situation. (Check out 11 Highest Paying Jobs With a Master’s Degree in Social Work.)

Or, maybe you’re not in it for the money. Maybe you just want a career (and major) that will make you happy. Something you will enjoy, so you won’t find yourself looking forward to retirement on the first day on the job.

That all depends on the individual situation as well (what will really make you happy?) Some find themselves happier while expressing themselves creatively (like Humanities majors do). While others are perfectly content to code all day long.

There’s nothing wrong with either, but there are a few things you should know if you think you’d like to major in Humanities.

If all you know is that you want to do everything possible to avoid taking those pesky high math courses, that may not be the best basis for choosing your major. There are disadvantages to every major, unfortunately. Some that may even top the disadvantage of struggling through Calc II.

But, before you read this list, we have a few disclaimers. These statements about what most Humanities majors face are just that. What most Humanities majors face. It all depends on the college, and the attitude of the student, and the teachers, and the specific major, and the career that’s the end goal, and the workplace that’s the end goal and probably more. Just know that these are general statements.

And secondly, if you’re a humanities major, don’t go getting all offended. We love you, too. In fact, we really admire you for all you’ve been through.

Our sources include Inside Higher Edthe Association of American Colleges and Universities, and Business Insider. So buckle your seat belt, oh hopeful student, for 10 reasons not to major in Humanities.

10. You’ll have to deal and communicate with all those people.

Well, it is humanities. But if you were expecting to hole up in your cozy cubical for the rest of your working life, think again. That life is foreign to most Humanities majors.

10 Reasons Not to Major in Humanities


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