10 Places to Visit in Singapore Before You Die

More sights to discover from the powerhouse of Southeast Asia in this list of the 10 Places to visit in Singapore before you die. Singapore is one of the most advanced countries in Southeast Asia. With a booming economy and a very low crime rate, there are many unique and beautiful places to experience in this relatively safe country. Singapore has seen a lot of investment and development from other countries. They also pride themselves in using the newest technology. Their efforts to attract tourists from around the world are top-notch.

Singapore is also a mixing pot of cultures, having influence from the Chinese as well as nearby countries of Malaysia and Indonesia. The main population of the country is comprised of the three races as well as Indians. You’ll also find a lot of other races here like Bangladeshi, Filipinos, Japanese, Europeans and Americans. Due to the high level of influence both on culture and history by the Chinese, you might find some similarities when comparing these places to the 10 Best Places to Visit in Thailand Before You Die.

The ever growing and advancing country of Singapore shows more promise, and we might even see future attractions that trump this current list. As of now these are definitely the best places to visit. Let’s go ahead and check the first place in this list:

10. Raffles Hotel

This luxury hotel is one of the most distinct in the country. It has been standing since 1887 and retains the colonial feel of the past. Many celebrities and icons have come to stay in this hotel, from Queens to the Hall of Famers and legends. Hotel service quality is top-notch, and many visit this hotel just to try the very popular Raffles Bar.

Iryna Rasko/Shutterstock.com

Iryna Rasko/Shutterstock.com