10 Perfect Online Dating Messages That Get Responses

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With our picks for perfect online dating messages that get responses, the chances are slim that you might be ignored by the person you like again.

Everyone knows that saying “hey” in the online dating world is a major red alert. If you just write “hey” to someone and expect them to respond eagerly, you have no business in the online dating world (unless you are hot, but you wouldn’t be reading this then anyway). You are sending bad signals to that person. It means you are not creative enough and ultimately that you are not just that interested in them. If you were, you would think something better, right? You wouldn’t want to waste your time on a person like that, so they don’t want to do that as well. Now, “hey” isn’t out of the question if you follow up that with something else.

Have in mind that personalizing the first message always helps, big time. When you are writing the message, include the person’s first name (if provided). While doing research for this and similar articles there was one thing that always popped up as highly recommended. You have to read the profile of the person and start with a common interest. Introducing yourself in a proper and polite manner is also appreciated. Ok Cupid’s report about the things to say in a first message obtained by analyzing around half of million first contacts, also recommends avoiding physical compliments. If they are beautiful, handsome, they have probably heard that countless times before. Specific personal compliments are more successful.  If you want to compliment, make sure that you do it for something else like their music taste, clothes or small accessories you’ve noticed. The report says that talking about specifics is always positive, so mention a book, a movie or a band you like. When it comes to greetings, the report confirms that “hey” never works, but unusual greeting like “what’s up”, “hola”, “howdy” and “how’s it going” can be successful. Being funny is always a plus, of course. If you are struggling to find your inner comedian, then you may want to take a look at our list of 15 Funny First Message Examples for Online Dating.

In order to find perfect online dating messages that get responses, we went through lots of examples and recommendations including those at PUA Forums and Quora. The ones that were labeled as successful were considered for the list. We also used the messages that according to Hinge’s analysis are most likely to get responses. Note that you shouldn’t always just copy the entries on our lists, but tailor them as much as possible to the person you are sending it to. We’ll explain in the examples. And one last thing. Please stick to proper grammar. Let’s check them out.

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