10 Most Successful and Influential Lawyers in 2016

These 10 most successful and influential lawyers in 2016 have definitely made significant impacts throughout their career. Some say that being a lawyer is one of the most difficult career paths to undergo. Being that you have to study for many years compared to others, memorizing laws, and trying to work with a law system that’s ever changing. While it’s difficult to become a lawyer, it’s even more difficult to stand out as one with many skilled lawyers all around the world.

With that said, these 10 lawyers have stood out, handling cases that essentially changed how the world deals with various things. They’ve also been known because they’ve tackled some of the most difficult cases and have even faced giants of the corporate world. The high amount of money needed to hire one of these lawyers is already a testament to how much success they were able to accrue over the years. If you are looking for cities that have a high demand for lawyers, you can also check out the 11 cities with the highest demand for lawyers.

10 Most Successful and Influential Lawyers in 2016

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So how do we measure their success and influence? One of the main factors we can look into is their current net worth. Net worth is the measure of all their assets to see how high they fare compared to all other lawyers. Influence is more of a tricky matter, as not all information is available out there to cover the sheer number of contributions each of these lawyers has made. For their net worth, we look into websites such as Celebrity Money and Forbes which gather updated information on the net worth of these individuals. We’ll also take a look at their achievements, and their notable cases to provide you with accurate information.

We can also say that their net worth is a measure of what they have achieved and is also an indication of their influence since money is a large factor in making significant actions all over the world. Do take note that we can only report on the information given to us and others may have different parameters when it comes to influence. Without any more delay, here are the 10 most successful and influential lawyers in 2016: