10 Most Sold Nintendo Wii U Games

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What are the most sold Nintendo Wii U games?

Some might say it is the golden age of video games. The sales are one strong argument for that, as you had the chance to see in our 16 Best Selling Videogames in 2015 article. But among the hardcore gamers, there is a fear that the games could become generic, or that they are already like that. One game and console maker stands above them all by its uniqueness. Of course we are talking about Nintendo.

 Most Sold Nintendo Wii U Games

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Nintendo is always trying to reinvent itself without compromising on quality. The focus of today’s article will be 10 Most Sold Nintendo Wii U Games. Wii U is the latest home videogame console from Nintendo and the successor to the Wii. For the market share, it will compete with Play Station 4 and Xbox One, the other two big name consoles in the eight generation. Wii was a groundbreaking console since it allowed the player more interaction in the game, and the gamers loved that. So it was hard to top that. But Nintendo always finds a way. Maybe the biggest trump for Nintendo are their games, since many of them are only playable on Nintendo consoles.

Alongside the Wii U launch, the new installment of old popular games, with which many generations grew up, appeared. Some of them are Nintendo’s big players like The Legend of Zelda and its newest sequel Wind Waker HD, Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros.

Being the most popular they are also among the top selling games for Wii U. How many copies did these games actually sell? Well on our 10 Most Sold Nintendo Wii U Games you will gain an insight in all the numbers.

Nintendo obviously keeps good track of that, and also likes to show off with the numbers, since it regularly updates the number of the sold copies on its official page. So here we go.

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