10 Most Ruthless Companies in Business Today

The 10 most ruthless companies in business today have used various tactics and moves over the years that may be questionable at best and even seem totally unethical. However, while these companies are perceived as bad or evil (take a look at 10 most evil companies in the US), they are also among the leaders in their respective industries. So, the phrase “nice guys finish last” is totally applicable here.

There are many stores all over the internet about Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) lowering prices to drive out the competition and about the company’s founder and CEO Jeff Bezos being horrible to his employees. Yet, Amazon is the best online retailer and is unlikely to be beaten in the near future. And Mr. Bezos is not the only executive that tough on his employees, the business world is full of them, with the list of their misdeeds including shouting at employees, demeaning them, and even resorting to discrimination and misogyny. It’s not necessarily a bad thing since successful companies are made successful by the people that work there and a competitive environment is what ensures that only the toughest and most ambitious stay, a “purposeful Darwinism” as Amazon’s culture was described a couple of years ago.

The corporate world is a cruel and ruthless place, where, despite the scrutiny from the government and public eye, bad things happen very frequently. Shareholders push companies to cut costs and increase profits, which often lead to reductions in employees and hundreds of people out of work, among other things. Companies lobby the government to pass laws that can be harmful to people and even deadly if we look at the gun laws. Drug makers set exorbitant prices on drugs and fewer people can afford them, which can also lead to death. The list of ruthless practices that companies employ can go on and on.



However, as stated earlier, ruthless companies are the ones to succeed and to keep their position at the top. In turn, this is what makes these companies great investments. Survey Monkey conducted a survey that included companies in the Fortune 100 list on positive and negative dimensions. The survey found that some of the companies Americans consider to be the most ruthless companies in business today are also among the companies that would make the best investments. The survey also found that companies that are considered the most ruthless are also among the worst for the USA and many are among the companies that have the most negative global impact.

With this in mind, let’s proceed to the list of the 10 most ruthless companies in business today. The list is based on Survey Monkey’s survey and we are also going to take a look at some of the actions that earned these companies the reputation of “most ruthless companies”.