10 Most Evil Companies in The US

It is surprising to learn that the 10 most evil companies in the US are some very well-known names that most of us interact with in our daily lives. It takes time and considerable effort for a company to build its brand through consistent performance over the years. But it takes only a few seconds to spoil the hard earned name and fame.

Though these evil companies have hurt the society in some way or another, it is interesting to see that these are big companies and are successful in their businesses. Each of these stocks has given decent returns to shareholders and has been resilient enough to face the ups and downs their respective industry has seen in the past.

Most of these 10 most evil companies in the US belong to the financial oil and gas and media sectors. Companies regarded as evil are generally those organizations indulging into illegal actions by corporate leaders or misrepresenting facts about their product or service, product recalls due to adulteration, security breaches, unfair workplace culture etc. But there are companies that fall on the other side of this scale too. These are the 10 most respected and admired companies in America.



We will discuss at length these 10 most evil companies in the US on the following pages. The list has been compiled based on The Harris Poll conducted last year. The poll measures companies’ reputation strength based on 20 attributes classified into six corporate reputation dimensions: Social Responsibility, Emotional Appeal, Products and Services, Vision and Leadership, Financial. Combined together they create a Reputation Quotient. We have ranked the companies based on this score. Most of the companies fall within the 55-64 scoring bracket, that indicates poor reputation.