10 Most Racist European Countries towards Muslims

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After 11 Most Racist Countries in Europe, we bring to you our list of 10 most racist European countries towards Muslims. After the incident of September 2001 in United States the image of Muslims and Islam has taken a pounding all over the world. Many people around the world attached a label of terrorism with the name of Muslims. This is one reason that in many countries Muslims are still seen as some alien creatures.

Not only terrorism but there are other aspects of human life which are always questioned by non-Muslims. For instance, Muslim women cover their entire bodies as it is obligatory for them in their religion. Many western countries and torchbearers of freedom for women think of this obligation as a severe restriction.

most racist European countries towards Muslims


A Muslim lifestyle is subjected to interrogating eyes, comments and sometimes even harsh reactions. There are countries which are known for stereotyping Muslims and their daily dealings with the world. Some religious groups exercise extreme hatred for Muslims in the form of Muslim genocides and right abandonment.

In Europe, the ‘Islamophobia’ is at its worst. Many of the European countries consider Muslims as an intolerable community and therefore Muslims in these countries have to face torrid times during their jobs, studies and social activities. One of the main reasons for this hatred towards Muslims is the fear that all Muslims are directly or indirectly connected to terrorism. This article brings to you the top 10 European countries that are most biased and racist towards Muslims.

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