10 Most Profitable TV Shows in 2020

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Have you ever thought if your favorite TV show made it to the most profitable TV shows in 2020? Buckle up and let’s find out! Click to skip ahead and jump to 5 most profitable TV shows in 2020.

Having TV these days only proves that it has come a long way since its roots which initially started around the 18th century. Since then, various TV shows aired and defunct. The purpose of most TV shows is for entertainment but some have underlying values in it that we may apply in our life. We just have to keenly observe and understand deeply. Flipping through one channel to another, there are plenty of options.

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The year 2020 brought us a ton of challenges. From the deadly bushfire in Australia which affected other countries to New Zealand where glaciers turned brown, floods in Dubai and Indonesia, Taal Volcano eruption in the Philippines, and severe storms in America’s deep South rocked us to our core. Of course, the biggest issue in all of this is the pandemic we currently face. Everything has been put on halt. To flatten the curve, individuals were advised to stay home and were provided with the necessities. Trips are allowed but essential ones only, such as going to the grocery. Thanks to TV, we have a grasp on what is happening outside our home. Even updates from other countries are flashed through daily news. Clearly, the pandemic gave us full access to television.

The health crisis we are experiencing now takes a toll on each person, especially those struggling with depression and anxiety. TV shows help ease our mental sanity. Watching our favorite show, which are also probably one of the most profitable TV shows in 2020, creates happy hormones that we badly need to keep our spirits up in this trying time. While kids can’t go to school with this pandemic, educational TV shows are of great help. It keeps the children entertained and help them learn at the same time. The creation of best TV shows requires participation from various people. We have the director, producers, the crew, actors and actresses who got the role. While we are sitting pretty on our couch and feeling cozy, did the question of what TV show has made the most money came across your mind? The expenses get covered eventually and earn profit especially when it hits a spot as one of the most popular TV shows.

Movie films are not the only ones which require an expensive budget to pull through, as now, TV shows require a massive budget to be successful too. Some scenes are preferred to be shot in other countries which may take up weeks or even months. This form of art requires passion and patience ensuring a great outcome that will win the hearts of audiences. It will be hard for the audience to let go a well-loved TV show hence, a defunct TV show always has a door of opportunity to be played again on TV. This also brings the audience a nostalgic feeling, bringing old but gold memories, as old as childhood memories. 

Kantar Media and Forbes Magazine gathered data to determine the top 10 most profitable TV shows. To make a much updated most profitable TV shows in 2020, we ranked these shows through the total number of viewers. We stumbled upon Statista and Nielsen TV Ratings (NYSE:NLSN) on data of TV shows with most viewers. Utilizing the data at hand results to average number of viewers and determined which shows are most viewed in 2020. Of course, more viewers mean more profit. 

10. NCIS

10,130,500 Average Number of Viewers 

 Formerly titled as Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service, but noticing the redundancy, the tile is shortened to NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service. The show premiered on CBS (NYSE:CBS.A) and renewed the series in May 2020. NCIS is an action police procedural television series which revolves around fictional characters of special agents. The NCIS Major Case Response Team are based at the field office in Washington Navy Yard, Washington D.C. All investigation on major criminal offenses such as felony falls under the jurisdiction of NCIS. 

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