10 Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

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What are the most popular plastic surgery procedures? In a previous article we examined the 11 countries with the highest plastic surgery rates in the world. In this article we will examine the most popular plastic surgery procedures in these countries.

People undergo plastic surgeries for a variety of reasons. Studies have shown that the most common factors that motivate individuals to go under the knife are body dissatisfaction, physical appearance, peer pressure and media influence. In more rare cases, individuals undergo plastic surgery procedures for medical reasons, as acpreparatory stage for another surgery or because they have entered the Witness Protection Program.

Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

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Not long ago undergoing a plastic surgery was an expensive proposition. Moreover, the whole idea of altering one’s appearance involved taboos and it was considered to be an action taken by people of the showbiz almost exclusively. As technology was advancing, new, less costly and less painful methods emerged. In addition, the recovery period was minimized allowing individuals that didn’t have the privilege of staying for long away from their work or family responsibilities undergo a plastic surgery.

Using cross-time and cross-region data we have collected sufficient insight in order to present you the 10 most popular plastic surgery procedures!

10. Breast Revision

Breast revision is a procedure that aims at improving the results a previous breast cosmetic procedure. In 2014 277,528 such procedures were performed world-wide.

Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures - Breast Revision

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