10 Most Lucrative Jobs from Home

What are the 10 most lucrative jobs from home? While the number of home-based work options has ballooned over the last few years due to the constantly advancing internet technology, not every opportunity is worth taking.

It is easy to see why more and more professionals are enticed to drop their corporate 9 to 5’s for jobs at home. It offers a certain level of convenience and cost-efficiency. Many parents choose to work right at the comfort of their homes to spend more time with their kids. Many young professionals love the flexibility of home-based job schedules. Work-from-home careers are also extra appealing for people with disabilities and retirees, as well as a growing number of digital nomads traveling from one country to another without being tied to their office desks or compromising their salaries.

But can home-based jobs really pay as well as in-office jobs do?

Ahmet Misirligul/Shutterstock.com

Ahmet Misirligul/Shutterstock.com

In fact, yes they can, and this list of the 10 most lucrative jobs from home can prove that. More often than not, jobs at home can earn as much as their office counterpart. And if you factor in the money and time lost to commute and burnout – which tends to happen more often to office workers compared to those camped out in their home offices – working from home seems to be more lucrative.

It was pretty difficult to find the exact scope of this article. There are, after all, tons of office jobs that you can just take home and work on in your own home office. With the range of jobs that can fall under this category, C-level jobs similar to the jobs listed in this article will definitely take the most lucrative spots. But these jobs are, obviously, not available for everyone and most, if not all, require tenure in an office-based position.

To make the article more inclusive, we have compiled the most popular home-based jobs based on suggestions from Business Insider, Simple Dollar, and Bankrate. To rank them, we have used the salary data provided on the sources as well as the median salary data indicated on the Bureau of Labor Statistics database.

So which work-from-home jobs can offer you the best paycheck opportunities? Check out the list below! Not into employment? Be your own boss with this list of the the most profitable businesses to start from home in 2016!