10 Most Expensive Video Games Ever Made

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One thing you can conclude from this list of 10 most expensive video games ever made is that sometimes high costs yield higher rewards. It’s not easy to make a video game. One of the major factors you have to consider is the costs for making one. The video games included in this list are Triple A franchises that are celebrated throughout the world. When making a game you’d have to consider resources and compare them to how much you’ll have to spend in comparison with how much you’ll get on the market. Because of this money becomes more of an issue especially as time goes on.

You’d also have to consider competitors and how you’d have to take a step up in terms of gameplay, graphics, function, features, etc. You’d have to hire a lot of staff to make an ambitious project work. Despite that, it may still require years of testing, tweaking, polishing and testing again. Some video game companies even hire professional actors, musicians, writers and game developers in order to make the best game possible. Even big movie franchises that turned out to be video game franchises probably have the same amount of costs when it comes to production. Take the example of The 25 Best Star Wars Video Games of All Time.

The video games listed here are based on how much was spent to make and market them while taking into account 2015’s inflation. Let’s find out more as we go through these 10 most expensive video games ever made:

10. Disney Infinity

One of the best features of Disney Infinity is the fact that you can build your own world. You can even play in your creation or check out creations from other users. It’s not cheap to put in game features that allow flexibility while still retaining the stability of a game. Include the fact that the game produces miniatures of famous Disney and Marvel characters to be used for the game. This makes Disney Infinity cost $101 million.

Most Expensive Video Games Ever Made

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