10 Most Expensive Currencies in The World in 2017

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9.  Swiss Franc (CHF)

1 CHF = 0.97 USD

Swiss Franc ranks 9th in our list of the most expensive currencies in the world in 2017. Switzerland is one of the focal points of Europe for tourists, but it uses the Swiss Franc instead of the Euro because Switzerland never joined the European Union despite a few attempts to do so. They fear having to bend to immigration and banking laws, and they have maintained neutrality in key situations, a method of response which they would effectively have to abandon as part of the European Union. This, amongst other reasons, means that its citizens are firmly opposed to joining it. Currently, the eighth series of the Swiss Franc is in use, but soon they intend to introduce a new, nature-oriented series, of which they have already started to utilize the 50 Franc note, to replace the brightly colored old ones. Swiss currency also features a thousand Franc note, though it is rarely used.

10 Most Expensive Currencies In The World in 2017

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