10 Most Expensive Currencies in Asia

Writing about the most valuable and strongest currencies is not easy, as exchange rates change daily, but still we managed to make a new list about the most expensive currencies in Asia.  Some time earlier, we made a list of The 10 Most Expensive Currency in the World too. A never-ending debate about “is money the most important thing in the world?” goes on a day by day. And rightly so. Many people believe that happiness and health are more important. Of course they are, but can you have any of those two in today’s world without a financial base?

Most Expensive Currencies in Asia


Concentrating on the Asian Monetary Unit, we will talk about the 10 most expensive currencies in Asia. The AMU (short for Asian Monetary Unit) is a basket composed of 13 currencies, which are proposed by the Japanese government’s Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry. What’s important for you to know is that the most valuable currency doesn’t have to be the smartest investment. Economy is a tricky thing – what was yesterday’s leader can become tomorrow’s failure.

10. Saudi Riyal

In 10th place lies the currency of Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Riyal. The Riyal has been the currency of Saudi Arabia since the creation of it, with the name of the currency derived from the Spanish word “real”. For one Saudi Riyal, you can get about $0.26 in exchange.

Most Expensive Currencies in Asia