10 Most Expensive Cigars In the World

Cigars, no matter the price, size and shape, are always considered a luxury but none of them can get as luxurious as the 10 most expensive cigars in the world do. Not even the 10 most expensive cigarette brands. Whether it is to celebrate a victory over life’s everyday battles, something that is soon to be a happy memory or just celebrating the beauty of life, cigars have been the trusty companion of many men (and women, actually) who need to signify their celebration with something out of the ordinary. Cigars are not so much an everyday thing in the western world but in the countries where they have been smoked for centuries, they are nothing like the luxury we know them for, being smoked by men and women, young and elderly alike on any ordinary day.

Cigars have been around for longer than westerners have known tobacco even exists. Columbus himself was credited for the introduction of the fragrant plant to the Old World. He and his crewmen encountered the act of smoking rolled tobacco leaves while visiting the locals of the new discovered land. From then on tobacco went on to take over Europe and shortly after that, the Orient. You may not know that, but the times before the onset of the twentieth century and a little after had very little to do with cigarettes (which were rarely produced) and a lot more to do with cigars.

So, to cherish a tradition that is older than many countries, let’s take a look at the list of the ten most expensive cigars in the world.

10. Davidoff Royal Salomones

Sold for: $48/stick

Davidoff have been known and held dear as a major tobacco producer for a long time now. Setting the list off, this special Davidoff line would set you back with about forty-eight dollars per stick, although they also come in a humidor.