10 Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks in the World

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For the love of booze, are you willing to spend a grand so you can buy one of the most expensive alcoholic drinks in the world? Whether you are a professional liquor collector, an alcohol expert, or a simple person who enjoys his favorite drink, our topic for today is destined for you. When we celebrate, party, give thanks, sometimes even when we grieve, we always find a bottle or glass of alcoholic drink cupped in our hand. Drinking is an activity both young (legal age, of course) and the old people enjoy doing. It doesn’t matter if you’d love to have a jug of beer, a glass of red wine, a shot of tequila, a bottle of vodka, or a sip of margarita. These drinks have only one purpose, that is to give yourself a break from the stressful reality of everyday life.

Largest Alcohol Companies in the World


How expensive can an alcoholic drink be? Did you know that alcohol can be a form of luxury too? Alcohol is easily identified by its brand. Because each alcoholic brand has their own touch, taste, and feel of a spirit. They have their unique offers out of a drink that makes them different from one another. From the alcohol content to the fruit used to produce such flavor and aroma, to the process of brewing or distilling that involves alcohol making. These factors make up an alcoholic drink. Feel free to check out the 10 most expensive alcoholic brands in the world to give you an idea of how branding works! So how expensive again an alcohol can be? The sky is the limit, my friend!

Aside from taking home the bragging rights of owning a sophisticated and luxurious alcoholic drink, here are the other perks of buying a bottle of a prestige drink. According to science, drinking moderately can help lessen the risk of having diabetes mellitus and stroke. A group of European researchers suggest that drinking alcoholic beverage in young adults can help prevent dementia. Alcohol is our new savior! Alcohol is the answer to all our health concerns! Well, this only applies to moderate drinkers. Since alcohol abuse is linked with a lot of health issues, most notably liver diseases.

So, are you ready to ditch that bottle of Jack for a multi-million dollar drink (spoiler alert!)? Here are the 10 most expensive alcoholic drinks in the world.

10. Vieille Bon Secours Ale

Price: $1,200
The world’s most expensive beer called the Vieille Bon Secours Ale comes from a family run brewery in Belgium, the Brasserie Caulier. This beer is already the cheapest we have on the list. With a huge bottle of 12 liters in total, there’s no way you can chug it down in one seating, by yourself. So, what makes it so special among other beers in the world? It has a distinct taste of anise, citrus, and butterscotch. All hail to the artisanal brewing process the brewery upholds. Not to mention that they keep their beers fermented for 10 years! And oh, it also has twice the alcohol content (8%) in it than your average beer.


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