10 Most Expensive Abstract Paintings In the World

What are the most expensive abstract paintings in the world?

I know that deep down inside you’re pretty certain you can churn out an ‘abstract’ painting. There’s a community out there who sees value in abstract work, and can tell apart your work (!) from the big guns. The 10 most expensive abstract paintings in the world will blow your mind. Abstract painting is more than just tracing lines and splatter paint without an apparent purpose. It’s about improvisation, spontaneity, changing techniques and breaking conventions.

Panom / Shutterstock.com

Panom / Shutterstock.com

As some may not know,  abstract art can also include music, dance, sculptures and even architecture. To make this list we considered exclusively paintings and searched for the most expensive ones ever sold, which is high enough that many would be tempted to steal them. Then they would also be part of our most expensive stolen paintings list.

10. False Start – $84. 6 Million

To begin our list of most expensive paintings, we have “False Start”, done by Jasper Johns. Sold at $84.6 million, this piece became in 2006 the most expensive painting by a living artist.