10 Most Evil Female Rulers in History

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Dear gentlemen, beware while reading the next lines because we are presenting you the list of 10 most evil female rulers in history! And you ladies, you should be careful too! It’s a thin line between good and evil!

So, do you think that your wife is nagging too much or that you can’t stand your girlfriend’s -hormones gone wild- episodes anymore? Maybe your stubborn sister and the overprotecting mother are going on your nerves too often? And your mother-in-law? Then, this article is definitely what you need! ’’Oh, good! It could be worse!’’- you might say after you read it! Wondering why? Well, in front of you is one pretty nasty and deranged group of women who were capable of anything to satisfy their needs. Mel Gibson would have been really surprised if he asked himself what (these) women want! We are sure that in this case, he would be running for his life! So, you better be satisfied with all women in your life. Who knows what, or who is awaiting you around the corner!

If you are still not interested who are these wicked women, and you are more into dictators, we are recommending you a great article about 10 biggest countries ruled by dictators. If not, you are free to continue reading this one!

Although a teeny-tiny amount of evil exists in every woman – we would all agree – it is not an easy task to find the evilest one. Even harder is to make a grade scale for evilness! However, we have compiled a list of most evil female rulers in history, according to the information gained from the Encyclopedia Britannica. We also consulted the public opinion via various websites and articles are written by authors that asked themselves the same question. Before you dare to catch a glimpse of what’s next, you should know that history is a two-edged sword. Everything is not as it seems, and one must have a critical approach to every obtained information! Therefore, we can give these women a benefit of the doubt, while reading about their alleged evilness! So, let’s get started with our list of most evil female rulers in history.

10. Messalina Valeria

Born: before 20 AD
Died: 48 AD

Do you want to read a juicy story? The ancient gossip about scandalous women that really deserved a place in our list of most evil female rulers in history? Messalina Valeria was her name. She was the third wife of the Roman Emperor Claudius and pretty young at the time of their wedding in 38 AD. In the beginning, things were good between those two; she even bore him a daughter Octavia and a son Britannicus. The only problem was that in the spare time she was attending some strange parties, better known as orgies! She was a nymphomaniac. Yeah, you read it well. As the years were passing by, her insatiable appetite for men and enormous sexual desire messed up her conscious and judging. Messalina gained the reputation for promiscuity because of her lesions with more than 100 men and because she was spending evenings working at a local brothel, probably undisguised. By controlling her husband, who allegedly wasn’t aware of her many adulteries, she became very influential. Like a true predator, devious and greedy Messalina killed and exiled a great number of innocent people through her plots and conspiracies. One of them cost her life! In an attempt to overthrow her husband by marrying her lover Gaius Silius, she was killed by her husband’s centurion. As a revenge, heartbroken Claudius ordered a damnatio memoriae, so that her name would be removed from history. Being related to the Caligula and Nero, it’s not a mistake to say that insanity runs in the family, right?

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