10 Most Crowded Islands in the World

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The people are plenty in these 10 most crowded islands in the world. An island is described as a landmass that’s surrounded by water. Most islands are surrounded by oceans or seas. There are some islands in the world that are so large that people forget that they are actually classified as islands. The geography of a location, however, is not a cause of high population density. The islands listed here are so populated that many people consider them crowded. The size of the population is not proportionate to the size of the island.

Overpopulation is no joke and a high population density can negatively affect a location and a country. These islands may be countries themselves, or they may be part of a bigger country. Whatever the case, the numbers here can surely affect the statistics of The 15 Most Densely Populated Countries in the World. It’s never a good thing when the population becomes more than what a country can handle. This can lead to things like loss of resources, higher demand and low supply, unemployment and other things that cannot benefit anyone.

What islands do you think are crowded? You may have been to these places and were aware of the great number of people. Let’s find out what islands make this list as we go to number 10.

10. Bahrain

Many of us may not be aware that Bahrain is actually an island. It’s an island nation just off the coast of the Persian Gulf. It’s a very large island that lies east of Saudi Arabia. The ancestral line of the country indicates that it was one of the oldest civilizations in the world and one of the original countries to have held Islam in the Middle East.


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