10 Most Credible UFO Sightings in the World

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If you still have the mind of an imaginative middle school boy, you’ll be fascinated to read about the 10 most credible UFO Sightings in the world. Theories about UFOs are some of the craziest yet most frightening ones out there. Just consult the 7 Most Popular Conspiracy Theories.

To determine the most credible sightings, we referred to twelve credible lists of UFO encounters from websites like National GeographicLiveScience, and HuffinghtonPost and developed a points system. Sightings received one point each time they were mentioned, so although there’s a points possible amount of 12, the highest points received was only 8. Clearly, there’s a huge variety of UFO sightings that have happened throughout the world and throughout time.

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Though one observation is that all of our top sightings took place in the United States, with runners-up in Brazil and Australia. The only explanation we can think of is that this must be a favorite hovering spot for aliens. So Americans, beware.

Another observation is that the majority of our sightings took place in the 20th century. Although the 21st century is only just beginning, you can’t help but wonder if as many UFO occurrences will dominate this century as they did the last.

But most of us are too smart to believe it’s actually real. They’re simple camera glitches, hallucinations, Nasa space-crafts or shooting stars. But these theories are surprisingly realistic. You may become a believer, or, at least, be highly fascinated, by the time you’re finished reading the 10 most credible UFO sightings in the world.

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