10 Most Barbaric Countries in the World

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We like to pretend we live in a modern world, in a world where life is just and there are no horrible things happening around us, but there are terrible things happening, especially in these 10 most barbaric countries in the world.

What type of things? Well, there are many going on, some backed by religious extremism, some by old traditions, some by the entitlement some men have over others. For instance, there are many countries where executions are perfectly fine, countries where children, mostly girls, are married off at a young age, perhaps even with grown up men. Then, there are areas in the world where death by stoning is an acceptable punishment, or where mutilating female genitalia is anything else than a way to control women. You may read more upon this horrifying issue in our article on 11 Worst Countries for Gender Equality, and we had also prepared a detailed list on 10 Most Corrupt Countries in the World in 2015, so you can learn more about those problems, as well.

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There are many, many terrible things that humans do in a world where we like to say we’re “modern” and yet we’re not far from the barbarians of past, perhaps even worse in some ways. For this list, we checked out the countries where the death sentence was still in force, where female genital mutilation is common, where stoning people as punishment is acceptable and where marrying your children off is something that’s frequently done. We ranked these countries and then added up the numbers in order to get the total scores.

Without further ado, here are the 10 most barbaric countries in the world.

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