10 Most Advanced Smartphones Available On the Market

Having one of the 10 most advanced smartphones available on the market in your pocket while walking around and using it for nothing but selfies and worthless dwelling in social networks surely can seem like a waste when you know something that was orders of magnitude less powerful was used to send a man to the moon. A step up from our previous list of the 5 most high tech cell phones in the market, this list will show you some of the best performing pieces of mobile technology up to this day.

While somewhere around ten years ago, having a cell phone meant having a device that worked and the sheer practicality and ease of use of a device made it appealing, these days have changed. No more will you ever find a phone model being praised for its built-in flashlight and otherworldly polyphonic capabilities. We now live in the world where you could say “oh, my phone is more powerful than my laptop” and not be laughed at for making stupid things up. Mobile devices have grown to offer a fully equipped, highly capable of time warping and mind erasing experience which took over the world and is now even on a course to push the good old personal computers from the leading spot in our favorite way to waste our time. What is a pity, though is that all this power and potential are being harnessed for one thing only and this is what sells the most – entertainment value. The people who can afford any of these ten mobile powerhouses will mostly use them to show the world what they had for lunch and possibly direct a bunch of infuriated birds on a trajectory towards pigs sitting in a stone fortress afterwards. On the other hand, people who are striving to push the boundaries of technology every day on the other end of the world have to work with an equally powerful desktop machine that limits them greatly.

Were people to see the productive potential of mobile technology earlier on and utilize it properly in their everyday lives, things would have looked different from what we see today. Nowadays, the practicality and ever-so-increasing productivity of these devices is shadowed by a mountain of hype, overpricing and somehow convincing people who have money to spare that they need several gigabytes of RAM, CPU cores and a 15 megapixel camera just so they can take a good picture of their pancakes. Let’s take a look at the 10 most advanced smartphones available on the market as of the writing of this article.