10 Most Advanced Countries in Medicine

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People with serious medical conditions from around the world would be grateful to live in one of these 10 most advanced countries in medicine. Word of warning though, in some of them, healthcare comes at a very steep cost.

Most Advanced Countries in Medicine

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Medicine is one of the fastest developing fields of human science. Considering that every human benefits from it, it isn’t surprising. The amount of money poured into medical research every day is mind boggling. Countries around the world spend trillions of dollars on searching for cures for the world’s most deadly diseases. Rarely a day goes by without some news regarding the latest development making the news. In a span of 30 years, having an HIV virus went from a certain death sentence to a manageable condition. Most of cancer types are treatable today, especially if caught early. But despite of all the funds spent on advancing medicine, sometimes the progress is painfully slow.

Unfortunately, not all can benefit from advanced medical care. There are parts of the world where health care is in very poor condition. Mostly, this is caused by lack of funding by governments of those countries. Simply put, there isn’t enough money to be spent on hospitals and doctors. The disparity between least and most advanced countries in medicine is quite staggering, as most of the later ones are among the most technologically advanced countries in the world

But differences in quality of health care don’t end there. In some countries on our list, parts of the population have appallingly low access to medical attention, despite country’s overall highly advanced medical facilities and superbly trained personnel. And as always when the debate about health care status starts, the good ole’ United States gets mentioned and usually not in a good way, although you may be surprised to find out exactly where on the list US are. But we will leave that debate for another time. Today we are focusing on medical progress. Countries on our list are ranked based on the number of medical research papers published and number of citations. Plainly put, these are the countries that have the most impact in advancing the field of medicine. As it may be expected, the list is heavily dominated by what we call the first world countries, mainly EU and North America countries, with few notable exceptions. Who does the most research and who develops the best cutting edge technologies in the world? Let’s check out our list of the most advanced countries in medicine and find out.

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