10 Least Addictive Drugs

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It is hard to define precisely which 10 least addictive drugs are, or how many drug users there are in the world. The final number is likely to never be known, of course many people attempt to hide their drug use. Although doctors, sociologists, psychologists and many other scientists try to predict the growth rate in the number of drug users, or at least define the current number, there is still not enough information about drugs and the people who are addicted to these chemical substances. If you are having difficulty with addiction, you can check out helpful resources here.

As opposed to the list of 6 Least Acidic Alcoholic Drinks, for which only the knowledge of chemistry was necessary to compile it, making this list requires more effort. Reasons for using drugs and how they will behave in our body are different. Sometimes, people use drugs just for fun, to spend a couple of hours with friends or dance freely without barriers. We know that there are people who use drugs to make their sexual life better and more exotic. Some people use drugs to stop or prevent anxiety or depression, or they start with prescribed drugs to reduce pain after diseases or health problems and then continue with harder or illegal drugs because they want to keep capturing that illusive feeling. Whatever the reason is, every drug is harmful and can cause serious mental and health problems.

Every time we discuss drug abuse, we start with teenagers and their reasons for using drugs. Although some precise surveys in the USA about 8th, 10th, and 12th graders show a decreasing number of drug users, people still expect a high number of drug users among teenagers. It is true that they usually try some type of drug usually at that age, mostly because of the high pressure of life transitions, social and emotional challenges or changes in life, plans, and expectations. Most often, the reason is pressure from society, teachers, and parents. Finally, they try experimenting and finding new sources of being happy and fitting in.

Some sources (Dr. Neil I. Bernstein’s book) name 8 reasons why teenagers try drugs  (although these pieces of information are not clearly explained) – other people, TV, escape, boredom, rebellion, good effects, low confidence and not much information about health problems caused by using drugs.

The number of users, on the other hand, is growing among college students and young adults, and that number is now at its highest point since 1980 when the first survey was done. Although the survey from 2007 showed that there are some socioeconomic factors (including the family as the first risk factor) for starting with drugs, it is more likely that people start with drugs because of the high level of pressure at work, and because of their career. Some people said that money should be in the first place on the list of 10 MOST addictive drugs because it is their best drug.

There is also a growing problem (some scientists call it an epidemic) of numerous nurses who use drugs. About 40,000 nurses are addicted to alcohol; the number of nurses who are marijuana users is 3.5 times higher, and there are a very high number of oncology nurses addicted to cocaine. They are under pressure and a high level of stress, anxiety, depression and the feeling of helplessness.

After the first surveys from the 1990s showed very serious problems in this field, many psychologists tried to explain the reasons behind this very dangerous phenomenon. First, it is a way to struggle with high demands and difficult and responsible jobs. Then, there is a problem with availability (prescribed drugs) and then a big stigma about the physical problems and stereotypes concerning the addiction. They know a lot about drugs, but are unaware of the physical addiction and the desire to take again the substance which helped them before.

Finally, many surveys have shown that 17% of older adults are addicted to some type of a prescribed drug, mostly legally recommended by doctors due to the patient’s health problems, chronic pain or another disease. They do not use drugs for fun, but mostly because of serious health problems which prolonged the usage of pain killers.

These are all the reasons why the scientist David Nutt has made a list of least and most harmful addictive drugs, according to their influence on the human body. He knew that every drug has chemical factors which cause addiction, but there are many other reasons why some substances are more likely to make people addicted, like personal reasons, social and economic factors, price, availability and more. David Nutt has counted 16 parameters for the purpose of his research and at the top of the list of the most dangerous drugs he has put heroin, with number 3 as the most addictive drug. He compared 20 common drugs on the market and made a list of drugs according to how they are accepted and processed by the human body. So, let’s finally see those least addictive drugs, while keeping in mind that least addictive doesn’t necessarily mean least harmful, as all the drugs are dangerous. 

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