10 Largest Semi Truck Manufacturers In The World

Currently, the largest semi-truck manufacturers in the world in 2020 control the largest portion of the industry and this is solely because of the complex nature of the truck industry. Unlike some of the other industries, the truck industry is quite complex  because of the resources, time, effort, and determination that is needed for success.

While there are a number of these semi-truck manufacturers, we have compiled a list of some of the largest truck companies based on their last year’s sales volume. The criteria for this article depends entirely on their total sale in the past year. This simply means that large companies with poor sales in the past year will not make the list. The decision to choose the sales volume of last year as a criteria was made because, we are specifically trying to list out the largest companies of 2020 and not just make a list of out of date companies that are currently living on past glory. If you are interested in rankings for previous years, please check out our previously published 10 biggest truck manufacturing companies in the world.

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In the last couple of years, we have experienced an unprecedented increase in the number of Chinese based truck companies. With this influx, the global truck industry may shift hands. This list contains some of the top Chinese truck companies that meet the criteria – last year’s sales volume.

This list has been compiled after careful research was carried out by our team. While some of the well known brands like Freightliner Trucks, Kenworth Trucks, and TATA Trucks are known to be large companies and so must be included in this article, you will find it surprising to know that there are others who may have gone unnoticed by you ready to give them a run for their money. Read through to find out who 10 largest truck Manufacturers Of 2020 are:

10. Scania

Based in Sweden and a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, this truck manufacturing company has 7 generation offices in seven different countries. Just recently, a new range of trucks was launched into the market and according to reports from the company’s official website, these new semi-trucks are fueled by a V8 engine.

Surprisingly, these new trucks consume 10% less fuel than usual. Being one of the largest truck manufacturing companies in the world, Scania has managed to sell off over 81,000 trucks in the last year.

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