10 Largest Egg Producing Countries In The World

10 largest egg producing countries in the world account for almost 70% of the total global egg production. Eggs are an important source of protein and vitamin n for billions of people. But have you even wondered which countries produce and supply these eggs in such huge quantities? Continued economic growth and increased urbanization are further expected to bolster people’s demand for eggs.

A rapid increase in population and per capita income has led to a rising consumption of poultry eggs. This paved the way for increased opportunities in the market for egg poultry breeding enterprises. During the early days, most of the egg production came from farm flocks of hens. But with the improvement in technology and the development of sophisticated equipment, there was a change from small farm flocks to larger commercial operations.

Over the past three decades egg production has increased by more than 150% worldwide and more than 380% in Asia itself. The world egg production is estimated to expand by more than 2% per year. Egg in shell constitutes the major chunk of global export volumes at more than 80%.

10 Largest Egg Producing Countries In The World

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U.S. is the second-largest egg producer in the world. In fact, meat and poultry industries constitute major parts of the U.S agriculture? You might like to read our list of 10 largest cattle producing states in the US.

We have compiled a list of 10 largest egg producing countries in the world from data provided by Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) of United Nations. China tops the list with almost 39% of the total global production with the other nine countries accounting for another 31% of the global production.