10 Largest Churches in The World by Membership

Let’s shine our Sunday shoes and get ready for the largest churches in the world by membership. I love attending different kinds of churches, synagogues and other religious services in order to learn more about them and experience a diversity of culture. I also don’t mind attending Mass with my family because the ritual is something I have experienced all my life–the familiarity is comforting.  

I remember getting dressed up most Sundays to go to Mass. I also remember stuffing myself into a tiny church building on the 2nd street and often overheating and being taken outside. I was clearly a frail and feebly child–or at least one that would happily pray or play outside. 

People from around the world unite under one roof to worship God and pray for themselves and for their family. There are a lot of churches around the world where people go every day, or once a week, but do you know which are the largest? Well, we have the list for you. You also might be interested in the 11 Tallest Cathedrals In The World



We decided to create a list of largest churches in the world by membership to show you how many people are visiting them on a weekly basis. When we say “by membership” we mean an average number of active weekly attendees. That is the most valid evaluation of a membership–their activity. We would rather measure genuine members than those simply signed up for something.

In order to create our list we collected statistics and information from a document we found online created by Warren Bird, Ph.D., because the churches in America were missing, we also collected them from our previous list of 11 biggest churches in America and sorted them by their average number of active weekly attendance. Please enjoy our list of the churches with the highest number of attendees.