10 Kids Coding Classes in NYC

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It’s become quite obvious over the past decades that one of the jobs that are here to stay and will never go away is in some way tied to programming, so we wanted to take a look at some kids coding classes in NYC.

Why would you take your kids to such classes so early on? Because it’s never too early for them to find a passion, one that they might even end up following for the rest of their lives, turning it into a life-long job.

Since we’re on the topic, you may even be interested in reading up about 10 science and STEM camps for kids in NYC, since these are also completely interesting topics for curious kids.

Overall, programmers make the world go round nowadays. Anything you do online is thanks to them, anything you do on your phone or tablet or computer, too. We have easy access to all kinds of different information with just a few clicks thanks to them. Entire work fields can only move forward thanks to this particular job. What would robots be without the software powering them? Or even our cars.

For our list of kids coding classes in NYC today we used the Class Curious database and a basic Google search to find a range of cool classes dedicated to kids that were being offered from somewhere in New York City. There are all sorts of programs offered, like a coding summer camp in NYC, coding classes in Brooklyn, and coding classes for kids in Queens.

Once we put our list together, we handed out points based on how they ranked in regards to the price of the class. We also took into consideration how wide the accepted age groups were. In the end, we added up the points and came up with the list of the kids coding classes in New York City.

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