10 Islands to Visit Before You Die

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To have wanderlust is natural; the world has so much to offer that it’s difficult not to want to explore it all with the time we have on this planet, and just as difficult to narrow down our travel bucket list given the constraints on our time and budget that prevent us from visiting everywhere. So I’ll make it a little easier for you with a list of ten islands to visit before you die.


There are 195 countries on earth, all of which are worth traveling to, and in a previous article we listed the top 10 places to visit before you die. But while crossing a nation can take up an extended amount of time which most of us don’t have, this list will focus on the small, yet outstanding islands that are so unique you simply must visit them once in your lifetime.

From Europe, to Asia, to South America, each continent has its very own island gems, accessible only by crossing a waterfront. Some hold incredibly beautiful geographic landscapes, while others stand out for their rich history and culture. But rest assured all of the islands on this list are definitely worth your while. So get that suitcase ready, grab your passport and empty your bank account, because you won’t want to miss out on any part of the ten islands to visit before you die.

10. Sardinia

Located west-ward off the coast of Italy, Sardinia is the second largest island in the Meditarranean Sea, with an area of 9,197 square miles. It houses several cities, such as Olbia, Sassari and Cagliari, but its most interesting spots are located along the coastline. The Emerald Coast and Maddalena Archipelago offer breath-taking sites, and the entire island is a dream come true for culinary experts. Also make sure to explore the land roads which harbor beautiful antique castles.

There’s one for your island bucket list. Keep reading to discover the other nine islands to visit before you die.

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