10 Hottest Selling Products in the USA in 2018

Do you have any idea what the hottest selling products in the USA in 2018 are?

How could you, with the new trends being set so often? Of course, you can guess some product categories that have been among the top for years. Electronics/Technology, Food, and Personal Care seem to be the most profitable categories nowadays. Everyone wants a new smartphone, fitness tracker,  virtual reality headset, candy bars, healthy bars, and everything related to skin care, right? But if you are interested in knowing specific products that have gained amazing popularity, that are best of the best, then you have come to the right page.

The world’s most popular consumer-voted award for product innovation is the “Product of the year” (POY). It was founded in France over 30 years ago. Today, POY works in more than forty countries, helping people to find the best products in various categories, and also rewarding the companies that produce only high-quality products. Innovation is the second most important aspect (high-quality being another) they take into account before honoring products with its recognizable sign. Thanks to the POY seal consumers can find the top-notch product in a second, making the shopping more enjoyable and less time-consuming. The award offered to the respective manufacturers of the winning products includes a strong marketing message that is proven to enhance product trial, publicity, distribution, and sales, making these products top trending products.

Subbotina Anna/Shutterstock.com

Subbotina Anna/Shutterstock.com

If you are looking for trending products to sell 2018, because you want to start your own business, then this list might come in handy. You can also combine it with our lists 10 Best Selling Products Online in 2018 and 10 Hottest Selling Products in USA in 2017 to get some great ideas for the best products to sell in USA 2018.

From statistics, Product of the year in the USA surpasses category Sales Performance by 38.1%. The probability of customers buying a product when they know that 40,000 people are behind it is 44%. The effectiveness of the Product of the year logo on a package compared to the word “New” is 25%. The percentage number of consumers who are more likely to trust an ad featuring the Product of the year logo is 36%. To find the hottest selling products in the USA in 2018 we have consulted an online study, that is conducted by Kantar TS on the national basis to select the winning product in various categories. From these sources, we came up with a list of “Winning products” that are trending upwards on Google Trends from the least selling to the hottest on sale in the US. These products are guaranteed the right to use the POY seal in communications of marketing for 24 months.

Without further ado, we present you the hottest selling products in the USA in 2018. (Please note that the images shown throughout the text don’t correspond to the actual products and are there for an illustrative purpose. More details as well as representative images of the products you can find if you click on the links in the names of the products. ) Starting the countdown: