10 High Paying Seasonal Jobs in America this Holiday Season

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Have you ever considered looking for and taking some high paying seasonal jobs? Most people haven’t even thought about this possibility, yet with the rising demand around the holiday seasons, many companies seek out temporary employees in order to keep up with the increase in business. Since these workers are hired for a short period of time, salaries tend to be quite lucrative, thus making these positions very attractive for people with flexible schedules.

Firms tend to acquire temporary workers for the holiday season, or hire contractors, not only to deal with the increase in demand, but also to keep costs down. After all, it is always better to offer high paying seasonal jobs, rather than maintain additional salaried staff throughout the year that would ultimately cost the company more. However, most people remain skeptical, thinking that firms only hire low-level workers during these short periods of time. Nevertheless, the reality is quite different, and in fact, companies also hire professionals and actually pay quite well, as our list of high paying seasonal jobs in America will demonstrate.

You might have already seen our list on the 8 best summer jobs for college students and are wondering if there is also something similar you could do, now that you are no longer attending university. Whether you have a degree or not, there is surely a flexible position available somewhere in the country, especially during the holiday season. So if you are such a person and are looking for this kind of employment, be sure to check out the following list on high paying seasonal jobs available in America.

10. Decorator

If you are a decorator, then you will surely be able to find seasonal employment in retail stores across the country during the holiday season. Decorators earn around $14 per hour for their services building lobbies, setting up events, and other similar activities.


9. Sales Photographer

There are a lot of firms currently hiring sales photographers for the holiday season. According to Glassdoor, photographing and selling photos to customers will earn you as much as $14 per hour and $29,000 a year on average.


8. Customer Service Representative

During a season when new products are in everyone’s homes, issues are bound to come up. Thus, customer service is crucial, and representatives are paid around $15 an hour to handle requests or answer customer questions by phone or email.


7. Seasonal Operations Professional

Tiffany and Co. is one firm that is currently hiring seasonal operations professionals to answer customer calls, handle accounts, and provide overall assistance to customers. This seasonal job pays around $17 per hour and up to $34,500 a year.


6. Social Media Assistant

If social media is your thing, then landing a job as a social media assistant for a firm like PBS might be a great opportunity for you. This high paying seasonal job comes with a $35,000 annual salary, or $17 per hour wage. Not bad for sending out tweets and posting on Facebook all day.


Can high paying seasonal jobs really get better than that? The answer is yes, as you’ll see on the remaining pages.

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